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        I am a certified Red Seal Chef, Culinary Instructor, Food Columnist, Author, and Host for many events. I am also a representative for Big Green Egg and Rhineland Cutlery. For many years I built my culinary career offering cooking classes and performing cooking shows (both live and on TV). These culinary classes and cooking shows are a reflection of the enthusiasm I have for food and people. It is an absolute joy to meet so many great people and have the opportunity to rekindle their food passions in the kitchen. I make sure that my classes are fun, informative and not intimidating. I truly believe that a learning environment that is entertaining will equal optimal results, and thus I do my best to ensure an enjoyable time for you.

       My food column (Chef Dez on Cooking) runs in many community newspapers across Canada and Washington State, and I make appearances at a variety of events - please click on the "Media Appearances" tab on my website for more details. Food and food preparation has always been a large part of my life. Although I have a French & German heritage, I absolutely love Mediterranean cuisine, like Greek & Italian, and also Southern and Tex-Mex cuisines. I was born and raised in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and this is where I "hang my hat" today. I have worked side by side with some great Chefs in Canada throughout my career, and I bring their knowledge to you. I like to focus on creating incredibly delicious dishes that are made with local everyday ingredients. This along with a "side dish" of Morals, Family Values and Garnish makes the Chef Dez "Experience" a well-rounded one.

       The passion that I have for food is owed to my Mom. She was always there to offer me a spot beside her in the kitchen. While other boys my age were involved in various sports activities, my idea of a team was right there in our home. Still to this day, I can almost hear the scuffing of the old wooden footstool as I dragged it across the floor. There I would stand upon the flour-dusted crevices as she secured my apron readying me for our next culinary adventure. I always opted to be in the kitchen with her, and so I grew up with food preparation being a major part of my life. In fact, I prepared my first full gourmet meal of "duck a l'orange" and all the trimmings for my family when I was just thirteen years old... the rest is history.

       One of the most wonderfully appealing aspects of food is creating (and eating) something completely delicious. Even if you are not the culinary type that craves to unleash your cooking talents in the kitchen, you are still capable of appreciating a recipe just by tasting it. Food is life, quite literally, because without it we would not survive. Therefore, if you have to endure the chore of eating anyway, why not consciously make efforts to broaden your culinary aspirations.

  • Thanks so much for the fabulous meals. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning so much from you. I've watched few people who project genuine love for people as you do. - Teresa C., Mission
  • Thank you. You were truly fabulous! I love the way you share the family concept. - Peggy A., Chilliwack
  • You're a ton of energy! You have not only shared your love for food, but your passion and enthusiasm for life is evident as well! - Cathy C., Chilliwack
  • A most enjoyable evening, and the food was great too! - Angie D., Surrey
  • I have learned more practical, every meal tips from you in a few demonstrations than I have in 20 years of watching cooking shows on TV. - Teresa C., Mission
  • Thank you - I cooked for my family and they loved it. If you can teach me how to cook, you're a true miracle worker! - Pash B., Mission
  • With the charm and appeal of Anthony Bourdain, Chef Dez sets the mood for a meal promised to be not only flavourful but fun! - Shelli P., Abbotsford

  • Thanks for a memorable night of food & wine. You are Awesome! Everyone loved it! - Liisa B., Vancouver
  • I absolutely had a blast in the Salsa class. You were great and the class was really fun!
    Joni P., Abbotsford
  • I love your columns and think you are providing a much needed service in our community.
    Jolaine W., Abbotsford
  • Your class was very Motivating! Thank you for making it interesting and not so "full of rules" oriented.
    Monika S., Mission

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